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Luxury Wreath, Eucalyptus Bunch, Amaryllis Stems and Cedar, Cloves & Ambergris Candle

from £110

Get ready for Christmas with our handmade wreaths, garlands and table flowers plus bundles of festive foliages, decorations,

scented candles and botanically inspired gifts.

To get you in the festive mood why not buy one of our wreath making kits and follow the 10 easy steps below.

How to make a Festive Wreath in 10 easy steps

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wreath 2.jpg
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wreath 6.jpg

1)  Using a reel of wire or twine - attach securely to a moss covered ring.  

2) Cut foliage and make a little bunch of 2 or 3 sprigs about 6 inches long.

3) Place on top of the wreath and wind round the base of the bunch to secure in place.

4) Take another bunch of foliage and lay it in the same direction as the first but facing slightly towards the outer edge of the wreath base and covering the base of the previous bunch to hide the binding.

5) Do the same with the next foliage bunch but place it towards the inner edge of the wreath base.

6) Continue in the same direction alternating placements so that the outer edge and inner edge of the base is covered.

7) After the last sprig bunch is in place, make a loop with the wire or twine and using a mossing pin secure it tightly into the base.

8) Next decorate with berries, pine cones, orange slices, asparagus fern or anything that takes your fancy.  Most decorations can be secured with a mossing pin into the straw base or your can make a wire loop around your decoration for the mossing pin to hold onto.

9) Once you've established which side is the top, use a piece of wire looped through the wreath wires at the back  to create a hanging loop for your door.

10) Hang on door, stand back and admire!

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