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In August 2012 I woke up at 3am and mulled over whether or not to leave my corporate job at JPMorgan and open a flower shop.  I had enrolled on a 1 day course 6 months earlier at Jane Packer in London and returned with armfuls of flowers and a big smile.  That August morning the niggle wouldn't go away so rather than go back to sleep, I undertook an online nickname search of my name 'Pauline Elizabeth' - it returned 2 lists including 'Paloma' and 'Lily'.  At 4am, I registered www.palomalily.com, wrote a resignation letter and handed it to my manager that morning.  On the 1st November 2012 Paloma Lily was born.

I've always expressed my creativity through the love of interiors and gardens.  Both grandparents tended immaculate gardens, Grandad's award willing dahlias were like dinner plates and Mum inherited his green fingers so we were always surrounded by beautiful outdoor spaces.  I remember days out usually involved visiting stately homes or an open garden or two.  Largely self taught, armed with lots of enthusiasm and an eye for detail I enrolled on 2 week course with the talented London florist Jamie Aston in Marylebone; not just to learn the tricks of the trade but to quiz him on margins, suppliers etc - I'm forever thankful for his generosity.

Since then the Paloma Lily family has expanded - Richard my partner also works here, as does Natalie, Ian and Rupert the Irish Terrier.  We're a community shop first and foremost situated on the most prominent corner of Wilton's historic market square - friends of Paloma Lily pop in for a chat, put the world to rights and scoop up a bunch of flowers.  Paloma Lily's abundant floral style is an artisan/country cross with a glamorous edge and although we've added botanically inspired products to our shop range, our blooms define the business and are ever changing as we move through the seasons.

What's next?  Well, we're developing a new range of Paloma Lily branded products - watch this space and if you are passing, why not swing by and say "Hello", it'll be lovely to see you!  Pauline x